LA Station Helicopters Track Fireworks Displays from the Air

By Kevin Eck 

Instead of following the random police chase last night, the stations in the Los Angeles market put their helicopters to use tracking fireworks displays, both legal and illegal, around the area.

The results are both beautiful and terrifying, given drought conditions in the tinder dry Golden State.

Here’s a quick look at what the owned stations’ choppers captured from the air last night:


KABC tweeted this out:
“AIR7 HD roaming SoCal as fireworks light up the sky on Fourth of July.”

KCBS did the same with its helicopter:
“Illegal fireworks lit up the sky all over LA as many celebrated the Fourth of July.”

KNBC added that the fireworks didn’t help air quality:
“Video from NewsChopper4 shows a barrage of pops and flashes throughout Los Angeles. The fireworks displays—both legal and illegal—went on for hours Monday night, leaving the region blanketed in a smoky haze.”

KTTV anchor Marla Tellez sent out this video recorded off a monitor with a warning to viewers:
“Live from Skyfox 8:45p 💥 🚁 something tells me Los Angeles city and county fire and police are going to be very busy tonight 😱. Please be safe out there!”