LA Reporter Has Odd Brush with Christopher Dorner’s Mother at Bar During Stand-Off

By Kevin Eck 

KCBS-KCAL reporter Michele Gile allegedly had an odd brush with the mother of Christopher Dorner at an Orange County bar during yesterday’s deadly stand off.

Gile walked into La Capilla Mexican Restaurant in the Los Angeles suburb of La Palma around 3:30 p.m. She was in the area to do a report on Dorner’s mother who lives nearby.

Gile began talking to two women at the bar who were drinking wine and eating chips and salsa while watching breaking news coverage of the stand-off on TV.


Gile, not knowing she was speaking to the suspect’s mom, said she told the two women that Dorner’s mother lived nearby. She also asked the pair if they knew the 33-year-old fugitive. The women shook their heads “no.”

Gile left the bar and drove to Dorner’s mother’s house.  10 minutes after arriving at the house, one of the women from the bar pulled up and went inside. Neighbors identified the woman as Dorner’s mom.

“Right after you left, she got nervous,” bartender Joseph Munoz later told Gile. “She started asking me questions, like if I knew (Dorner)…what I know about him…stuff like that. She was watching the TV, but she wasn’t really concerned about it. She was busy talking to her friend, like it was just an everyday thing.”

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