LA Reporter Facing Charges After Alleged Domestic Violence Incident

By Mark Joyella 

fox-journalist-may-face-ten-years-jail-domestic-violenceCarlos Zapata, a reporter at Los Angeles Spanish-language station KWHY, faces criminal charges in a domestic violence investigation. The Los Angeles Times reports Zapata allegedly threw a flowerpot at his wife’s head, and now faces two counts of domestic violence, which if convicted could bring a sentence of up to ten years:

The fight in which the 51-year-old Zapata allegedly hit his wife in the head with the flower pot occurred earlier this month at the couple’s home in Sherman Oaks, prosecutors said.

After Zapata’s Dec. 3 arrest in that incident, his wife told authorities about another fight the couple had in November, which she said also ended in an attack, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office.

Zapata is expected in court on Christmas Eve.