LA Chase Suspect Runs Into KABC Van During Getaway

By Kevin Eck 

Apparently, we missed the memo telling LA’s fleeing criminals to run in front of a news van.

Last night, a suspect involved a police chase jumped out of a stolen car and ran right in front of a KABC news van. In the vine below, it looks like a CHP officer uses the front of the ABC owned station’s van to cut the suspect off, but misses his tackle. The van helps the suspect stay upright.

KABC reports, “The chase ended near Main Street and 84th Place shortly before 8 p.m. when the driver suddenly came to a stop. A male passenger then jumped out of the red sedan and bailed on foot. ”

Here’s the video shot by KABC photographer Wes Tennyson.

Yesterday morning FOX owned station KTTV helped police catch three suspected robbers after the trio ran right in front of them during their getaway.