KYW, Anchor, Sued Over Sex Abuse Report

By Mark Joyella 

KYW-TV_openCBS-owned KYW in Philadelphia, and its anchor, Chris May, face a lawsuit over a report that aired on the station back in May.

The Philadelphia Daily News reports the station did air a correction and apology after its story, which was described the arrest of a school police supervisor over allegations he sexually abused a boy:

“Howard Rubin is the suspect,” May intoned, as Rubin’s picture flashed on the screen. “He is accused in the sexual abuse of an underage male student.”


Now, here’s why CBS3’s story may cost the station big bucks in a lawsuit filed Friday: Rubin not only was not fired, but he also has not been accused of, nor arrested for, sexually abusing anyone.

“It appears to me that this was a really big mistake on their part and there will be really big consequences,” said lawyer Derek Steenson, who filed the lawsuit on Rubin’s behalf in Common Pleas Court.