Kyle Dyer Talks About Dog Bite in KUSA Interview

By Andrew Gauthier 

Two weeks after she was bit by a dog on-air, and just days after she underwent a second operation to repair injuries suffered in the incident, KUSA anchor Kyle Dyer returned to television Thursday night in an interview with Gary Shapiro, her longtime co-anchor.

“I didn’t realize the extent of the injury. I knew it was bad when my lips didn’t touch anymore,” Dyer told Shapiro, recalling the dog bite.  “First thing I think is, ‘I’m bleeding and it had to be live on TV.’ Then I thought, ‘I got to call my mom before one of her bridge friends calls her.'”


KUSA promoted the interview during its newscasts earlier in the day, showing Dyer in profile but withholding a view of her mouth and nose.  In the actual interview, though, Dyer didn’t shy away from revealing her wounded face (video inside).

In addition to giving details about her recovery and thanking viewers for their support, Dyer took time to talk about the dog.

“I’m glad the dog’s back home with his family…it’s time to move on,” Dyer said.  “I have never blamed Max. I’m glad to be home too and want to move on and to heal.”