KXTV Ad Exec Dies from H1N1 Influenza

By Kevin Eck 

Nancy Pinnella, a national sales account manager for Sacramento, CA, ABC affiliate KXTV has died after contracting the H1N1 flu virus.

The Sacramento Bee writes, “On Jan. 21, she felt sick, leaving work early. On Jan. 22, she went to a doctor, hardly able to speak or breathe. By 6 p.m. that day, she was in intensive care at Sutter General Hospital in Sacramento.”

KXTV said she died Saturday after being taken off life support. She was 47.


To Sacramento County officials, Pinnella’s death was No. 18 of the cases that help measure the severity of the flu season. To public health officials, Pinnella’s swift demise was the type of thing they’d been warning the public about: With this H1N1 virus, even young and middle-aged adults who are otherwise healthy – and didn’t think to get a flu shot – could die. To the Pinnella family, their sad loss was a rallying point to urge others to get the flu shot so Pinnella didn’t die in vain.

“She was a vibrant, caring person and very well-liked and respected,” Maria Barrs president and GM of KXTV told The Bee. “Her family confirms that they were informed her death was due to complications caused by the H1N1 virus. Her family also confirmed that she had not had a flu shot, and is urging everyone to take that precaution.”

KXTV reporter Chris Nguyen tweeted: