KXLY Explains Strange Series of Tweets

By Aneya Fernando 




Spokane ABC affiliate KXLY sent out a series of bizarre tweets this morning that left viewers scratching their heads. Reporter Casey Lund was out in the field doing a story on a woman that police say was killed by her boyfriend. Except that’s not what the station’s tweets said.

Melissa Luck, executive producer and director of social media strategy at the station, explained the mistake to Jim Romenesko, writing:

The tweets this morning were a result of “voice to text” technology. Our reporter was using his voice to tweet and, as you can see, it didn’t quite capture what he was really trying to say. He was posting simultaneously to his account and our main account.

It’s an error we deeply regret and a good starting point for the conversation that includes only the words “Don’t use voice to text for Twitter.”

Lesson learned.

[h/t Jim Romenesko]