KUTV Anchor Shauna Lake ‘Ashamed and Humiliated’ After DUI Arrest

By Chris Ariens 

Shauna Lake, a veteran anchor at KUTV in Salt Lake City, delivered a tearful on-air apology a week after being charged with DUI.

Lake was back on the air today, and during the CBS affiliate’s 5 O’Clock news she talked about her “serious lapse in judgment” and apologized for it.

“It was selfish. I could have hurt someone else or myself. It is selfish also because I hurt you, the viewers. You have invited me into your home night after night for 23 years and you trusted me, and I let you down. For that, I am so sorry. I let my KTVU family down. I let my friends and family down, most notably, my two sons, they are my life. I hurt them by making a selfish decision.”

“I know some of you are angry and disappointed in me and you have every right to be. What I did was wrong and I hope, over time, you can learn to trust me again.”