KTVU to Launch 11 p.m. Newscast

By Kevin Eck 

On Monday April 17, Fox-owned KTVU is venturing into 11 p.m. news territory in the San Francisco Bay Area market with the addition of a half-hour newscast after its 10.

“This expansion promises to build on the legacy of the 10 p.m. News, with the same commitment to excellence in journalism that has been a hallmark of KTVU,” said vp and GM Gregg Kelley.

The half-hour show will be anchored by Frank Somerville and Julie Haener along with sports director Mark Ibanez and chief meteorologist Bill Martin.


Other stations in the market have tried to compete with KTVU at 10, shifting their 11 p.m. news back an hour, CBS-owned KPIX did it in 1993 until it went back to 11 five years later.