KTVU Anchor Opens Up About Hair Plugs and Being ‘Deep’

By Kevin Eck 

KTVU anchor Frank Somerville is defending himself against accusations he’s egotistical, shallow and is trying to hide his hair transplants.

After San Francisco Bay Area media blogger Rich Lieberman wrote, “Frank Somerville: pompous with hair plugs and whose ego has shot through the roof,” Somerville wrote a column on SFGate saying he normally wouldn’t respond, but “I’m making an exception today because I was just so surprised that someone would think that.”

He went on to say paying for hair transplants, “was some of the best money I ever spent,” and as far as being pompous and egotistical, Somerville said “Wow. Those are two words that just aren’t in my vocabulary.”

A commenter on Lieberman’s blog also compared him to William Hurt in Broadcast News, saying “He’s a personable, handsome jock who got a job in TV because he was purdy.”

“The bottom line is this,” said Somerville. “People are going to see what they want to see. Lets face it. There is a stereotype about TV anchors. I get that. But at the end the day I know who I am. I’m a guy who works in television because I want to help people. And I’m a dad who loves his family.”