KTVU Anchor Gives Station Push In Social Media Ratings

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

KTVU anchor, Frank Somerville, was responsible for a little more than a quarter of Fox-owned station’s total engagement from July 2-August 2.

According to Share Rocket data, KTVU remained number one in the market on social media with a 40.3 share and nearly 2 million engagements.

Somerville has a 11.77 overall share which is rare in a market as large as the San Francisco-Oakland-Jose market, the report says and never posed on Twiter or Instagram, it came solely from Facebook.


As for the rest of the stations, KGO, the ABC-affiliate, held a 27.7 overall Share and KRON, the Nexstar-owned MyNetworkTV affiliate, had a 17.4 Share.

KTVU was number one as a group on Facebook and Instagram, KGO was number one on Twitter.

Among individuals overall, Somerville led the way with an 11.77 overall Share and generated more than 600,000 total Engagements in the 30-day period. He was followed by another KTVU anchor, Dave Clark, who had the No. 2 Facebook Page in the market and generated close to 46,000 Engagements on Facebook. Stanley Roberts is the strongest all-around individual in the market on social media, finishing in the top three among individuals on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. KGO’s Reggie Aqui moved into the top five this month by jumping several individuals after he increased his total Engagement by +20.2% and his overall Share by +27.6% compared to the 30 days prior.

Of the top 10 individuals overall in the market, five are with KTVU, three are with KGO, and one apiece are at KRON and KSTS, the NBC-owned Telemundo affiliate.