KTLA Reporter Tweets N-Word?

By Andrew Gauthier 

Veteran KTLA entertainment reporter Sam Rubin is trying to set the record straight after a message was sent from his Twitter account containing the N-word.

Over the weekend, seemingly out of the blue, a tweet was posted from Rubin’s account to Yung Berg (@TheRealYungBerg), a rapper from Chicago. The tweet read: “fake ass n—-.”

Gawker pounced on it and highlighted the fact that Rubin tweeted “OOPS….I will explain later. But, biggest boo boo of the year. For reals,” apparently in response to the errant tweet.


It turns out that, according to a blog post he wrote on KTLA’s website about the incident, Rubin’s Twitter account had been hacked and the “OOPS” tweet was in reference to something completely different.

Here’s Rubin:

Friday night at 7:00 p.m. I attended a screening for the new “Batman” movie. The movie has a “social media embargo.” I agreed to go to the screening with the understanding that I simply could not post anything about the movie on Twitter. At about 8:00 pm the movie, during this important screening breaks. Physically breaks. The screening stops and I send out the [“OOPS” tweet].

Sometime after my tweet, timestamp 8:12 pm, my account was hacked, and what can best be deemed as as a derogatory and racist slur was sent from my account about someone named The Real Yung Berg. Two stone facts, I do not, nor have I ever, used racist language in my broadcasts, my writings or my tweets; and I do not know who The Real Yung Berg is.

After clearing up what had happened, and changing his Twitter password, Rubin joked about the incident on Sunday.

“Perhaps Young Berg and I can tour together,” Rubin tweeted, linking to an E! story about the social media snafu.

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