KTLA Reporter Has Rough Morning

By Kevin Eck 

TVSpy usually reports about single-serving crazies trying to disrupt live shots, but this morning, KTLA‘s Jennifer Gould had to deal with two kooks dealing out tomfoolery during her live shot.

Gould was tossing to her report about a transient who bit off a local restaurant owner’s finger, when she somehow managed to reinforce the depth of the problems facing the community when one kook came up from behind giving the gesture for things one normally does in private. Then, a few seconds later, another approached looking like a small bigfoot wearing a leather jacket.

One viewer recorded the “bigfoot” attack on instagram, check it out. Also smell the delicious irony when the camera tilts up to the sign on the cafe behind Gould, describing her gremlins.


I thought that guy was gonna tackle you @jennifergouldtv @ktla5news

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