KTLA Reporter Fired Up Over Censorship on Ben Affleck Press Junket

By Kevin Eck 

KTLA entertainment reporter Sam Rubin says he saw “something so shocking, something so unprofessional” during a press junket for Ben Affleck’s new film he had to say something.

Rubin told viewers of the Los Angeles CW affiliate, the censorship he witnessed during the interview for Affleck’s movie Accountant, “shows complete contempt” not only for Rubin for for the viewer.

When he asked Affleck about being a constant presence in the tabloids, Rubin said “the PR dope who is in the room actually interrupts us” and asked him to “stick to the film.”


“I couldn’t believe it,” said Rubin.

The KTLA entertainment reporter who celebrated a quarter of a century in that role in May, said it got worse when he saw studio folks cutting some of Affleck’s comments out of interviews that had already taken place.

“If you had told me ahead of time you were going to restrict my questions or if you told me ahead of time these interviews were subject to your editing and control even after the interview took place,” said Rubin. “I would never have gone to your junket. I would never have been involved with promoting a movie that’s trying to censor reporters covering the movie.”

Rubin ended by saying unless someone talks to him about it or apologizes, “You will never hear me mention this movie ever again.”