KTLA Reporter Calls Radio Host ‘A Pig’ After He Says He Could See Her Underwear

By Kevin Eck 

Kacey Montoya, a reporter for Tribune’s Los Angeles CW affiliate KTLA, told a Sirius radio host she thinks he’s a pig on his Facebook page after he said he could see she was wearing a black thong under her white dress Saturday morning.

The social media war heated up after Matt Alan, a host of Outlaw Radio who is also on Sirius XM Radio wrote on his Facebook page “Am I the only one amazed, aghast and agape by the black thong clearly visible behind Kacey Montoya’s gorgeous white lace dress on the KTLA ch 5 Morning news? I will be discussing this visual phenomenon later today on Outlaw Radio!! featuring AJ Benja!! Cheers, Magic Matt Alan.”

“You are actually a pig … and spreading false info,” Montoya fired back. “As if it was any of your business (it’s not) … I was not wearing a black thong today. Is this what single men who live in their mother’s basements discuss on their podcasts these days??? #Lame Some advice .. Find something truthful and meaningful to talk about. And leave ME out of your conversation.”


Montoya was filling in for Liberte Chan on weather on the Saturday morning news. During the 9:00 a.m. toss to her segment, Montoya told her co-anchors, “People are so honest on social media. We’ll leave it right at that.” A the time, she was referring to viewers who were commenting about Chan’s absence.

Alan wrote back “Dear Kacey, I am “actually” not a pig (“actually” meaning “surprisingly”). Thank you for that. I don’t do a podcast Kacey or live in my Mothers basement (rare to find a basement in the hills of Encino.It’s my Fathers attic). However, this was meant tongue in cheek, knowing that you we’re NOT wearing a black thong (or if you we’re, well aware that it was not clearly visible) with the exception of true admiration for the cut of your dress and your articulation in the presentation of climate type topics. Without your permission, may I offer YOU “Some advice”? Chill out, stop taking yourself so seriously and attempt to festoon upon your face a sense of humor. Cheers, Matt.”