KTLA, KCAL Air Live Coverage of Police Chase

By Andrew Gauthier 

In Los Angeles, KTLA and KCAL aired live coverage of a high speed police chase Thursday afternoon involving a man that may be involved in a string of recent bank robberies.

KTLA covered the chase during its 1 p.m. newscast and KCAL cut into its regularly scheduled programming at 1:45 with a special report, airing live chopper video.  The chase ended around 2:00 when the driver stopped his car at an intersection and surrendered to police.


KABC, KCBS, and KNBC, as well as KTLA and KCAL (KCBS), all posted live video of the police pursuit on their respective websites.

KTLA’s coverage was anchored by Leila Feinstein and Chris Burrous, with Mark Kono reporting from the station’s news chopper.  Daytime anchors Dave Gonzalez and Serene Branson reported on the chase for KCAL, along with chopper pilot Derek Bell.

There also appeared to be a local news photographer on the ground as police arrested the driver.  No word yet on who that photographer works for (or how he/she was able to get so close, so quickly).