KSTC Introduces 2 1/2 Hours Of Local News, Unveils New Set

By Andrew Gauthier 

As of today, there will be a lot more news coming out of Hubbard Broadcasting independent KSTC in Minneapolis. Two and a half hours’ worth, to be precise, as the station launches a two-hour morning show (7-9am) and a half-hour 9pm newscast anchored by Megan Newquist with veteran meteorologist Dave Dahl.

According to TV critic Neil Justin of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the new newscasts will be broadcast from an impressive new studio…
TV news is supposed to be an endangered species, going the way of the spotted owl and parachute pants. So what in the name of Edward R. Murrow is the Hubbard family doing by investing nearly $400,000 in a new set?

The space-age digs, which would make Capt. James T. Kirk feel downright cozy, give KSTP, the local ABC affiliate, an HD-friendly makeover and provide a home for two new programs on its sister operation, KSTC, Ch. 45, a station that hasn’t had a local-news presence since early 2003.


Starting today, KSTC will launch a two-hour morning show, hosted by Vineeta Sawkar, Art Barron and Rebekah Wood, as well as a 9 p.m. broadcast that will go head-to-head with the first half of KMSP, Ch. 9’s program, providing the same kind of hard-news, local stories that define KSTP’s newscasts. More…