KRON Moving Out of Longtime Home

By Andrew Gauthier 

KRON is moving out of the building that has been its home since 1967.

General manager Brian Greif announced today that Young Broadcasting has retained a commercial real estate company to find a new venue for the independent station and handle the sale of its existing space at 1001 Van Ness.

“While we love The Van Ness Building and the location,” Greif said, “the space required for a state of the art digital television station is a fraction of what we have here. Relocating to a smaller facility will enable us to build a new platform to effectively serve our viewing audience within the San Francisco DMA with the best of today’s and tomorrow’s digital TV advances.”


Greif estimates that the entire process of selling the Van Ness building and finding a new Bay Area facility will take up to a year.

“We look forward to making KRON-TV’s next home in the San Francisco/Bay Area a facility that will best equip our team and allow the different departments to work in an environment that fosters further success and growth,” Greif added.

The Van Ness building is a San Francisco landmark. It was designed by Gardner A. Daily, who was also the architect for the Chronicle Publishing Company, in 1963.

[h/t Rich Lieberman]