KPRC’s Meteorologist Anthony Yanez Writes a Children’s Book

By Aneya Fernando 

Weather-bookAnthony Yanez, a meteorologist at Houston NBC affiliate KPRC, has written a children’s book about the weather: A Wild Ride on the Water Cycle: A Jake & Alice Adventure. 

Yanez told the Houston Chronicle‘s columnist Ken Hoffman that the inspiration for the book came to him seven years ago when he was speaking to kindergartners about his job:

“I couldn’t use my power point presentation, so I had to improvise. I got a boy and girl to join me in the front of the classroom and told the kids, ‘Here are two drops of water.’ I told the story of the water cycle with these two kids acting out the parts and a book was born.”


Yanez explained that the lack of children’s books about the weather inspired him to write one of his own:

“I get asked to read to pre-school and elementary school students quite often, and there aren’t many children’s books about weather that kids enjoy. I hope this book changes that,” Yanez said. “Who better to write a children’s weather book than a meteorologist?”

A Wild Ride will be the first in a series of weather books, which will include topics like tornadoes, hurricanes and clouds. A Wild Ride will be available online and in stores later this month.