KOMO’s Kathi Goertzen, Battling a Brain Tumor, Interviews Bob Woodruff

By Andrew Gauthier 

KOMO‘s Kathi Goertzen, who has been battling a brain tumor that has drastically altered her career, recently sat down with ABC News’ Bob Woodruff and discussed what it’s like to overcome an unexpected affliction.

“Bob’s injuries are no longer physical. While his head was torn open by shrapnel, mine has been torn by a relentless brain tumor,” Goertzen said. “While the physical result for me has been a half-frozen face and a constant battle, Bob thinks our ability to change ties us together” (video above).


Goertzen has continued to work for KOMO as she copes with the effects of multiple brain surgeries, but her interview with Woodruff was the first time she’s appeared on-camera in several weeks.

On her Facebook page, which has gained a significant following over the past few months as she’s struggled through surgery after surgery, Goertzen called Woodruff her hero.