KOMO Reporter Found the Bus-Riding Dog on The Radio

By Kevin Eck 

Eclipse KOMO_640By now you’ve probably seen the story about Eclipse, the Seattle dog that sometimes takes solo bus rides to a local dog park. Click here to watch the video.

Lindsay Cohen, a reporter for Seattle ABC affiliate KOMO, says she got the story by listening to the radio.

Cohen told TVSpy one of the KOMO truck ops told her, “turn on the radio. You HAVE to hear this story!” She said she tuned in to Miles Montgomery on Seattle station KISW “telling this unbelievable story. He’d gotten on the bus that morning and a dog runs up and sits right next to him. No owner in sight. The other bus riders are saying, ‘the dog rides the bus without its owner – to the dog park.'”


She said she checked out the bus route figured out the best place to scout for the dog. She lucked out when Eclipse and her owner Jeff Young walked up to the bus stop she chose. The rest is on video.

She said the station is amazed at the traffic the story has generated, “I’ve heard from people I haven’t spoken to in years,” said Cohen. “My phone had 80+ social media notifications when I woke up this morning – from just the time I’d been asleep.”