KOLO Apologizes For Calling Gay Marriage a ‘Sin’

By Merrill Knox 

Reno ABC-affiliate KOLO has apologized after a promo on Monday evening’s newscast implied that gay marriage is a “sin.”

“Historically, Nevada has made a living off of sin — quickie divorces, prostitution, gambling,” anchor Sarah Johns said as footage of same-sex weddings aired (video above). “What’s one more sin added to the list if it will improve our economy?”


The promotional spot sparked discussion on the KOLO Facebook page.

“Where was the news director on this? This wasn’t just one web person,” one viewer wrote. “I can’t believe this wasn’t approved by anyone else. It was deliberate and was not a joke and it’s harmful.”

“People are just too sensitive and easily offended because they think they are so important,” another wrote. “Grow a spine and deal with it.”

This morning, KOLO issued a statement on the station’s Facebook page.

“A promotional spot aired on our station Monday night regarding gay marriage. This was a poorly written play on words that does not reflect the opinions of KOLO 8 News Now,” the statement reads. “We sincerely apologize to the viewers we offended. This was not our intention.”