KMOV Sets Internet Ablaze With Epic ‘Dumpster Fire’ Graphic

By Mark Joyella 

Sure, you could produce a piece of local television journalism that will earn you a Peabody award and perhaps a place of honor on a wall in the station lobby. Or, you could produce a graphic as epic as KMOV’s “overnight dumpster fires” (right) that has begun blazing its way through the internet.

“No way did you make this,” one Twitter user commented, apparently stunned by the magnificence of the station’s decision to use the label “dumpster fire” nearly two dozen times in one graphic, with arrows.

The CBS station’s work was designed to illustrate a story about a rash of 23 dumpster fires in St. Louis overnight (though we counted only 22 dumpster fires labeled on the graphic), but it has taken on what will surely be a long life on the internet, being used to describe the Clinton and Trump campaigns, the year 2016, and, back in St. Louis, the Cardinals bullpen.

Worth noting: KMOV’s story about the 23 separate dumpster fires the St. Louis Fire Department investigated overnight ends with the following line: “It is currently unknown if the fires were set intentionally.”