Kid Unimpressed by KGW Reporter Meets His Hero

By Kevin Eck 

A couple of weeks ago, TVSpy told you about Jaden, the young man from Portland who was unimpressed with a KGW reporter because he wasn’t Lester Holt.

Last night during his newscast, Holt did a story about meeting Jaden at the Nightly News studios. Holt and Jaden shared their love of music. Jaden showed off his violin skills, while Holt returned the favor by letting Jaden play his bass guitar. Jaden got a tour of the Nightly News studio and even read from the prompter.

Jaden caught Holt’s attention after KGW reporter Drew Carney interviewed him at the Portland International Airport about what he watches on TV and Jaden asked about Holt.

“I usually see him more on the news than you,” said Jaden who is seven.