Kid Forecasts Farts and Toots in Mississippi Weather Forecast

By Kevin Eck 

The area around Jackson, Mississippi was filled with farts everywhere and toots Saturday night, according to a kid who interrupted the WLBT weather forecast.

Meteorologist Patrick Ellis was part way through his forecast on Jackson, Ms. NBC affiliate WLBT when a kid, named Houston, stepped into the shot and began forecasting as only a small boy can.

WLBT later explained the station hosts a show with local lawyers that airs after the 6 p.m. Saturday newscast. Ellis says it’s not uncommon for the lawyers to bring their kids. One of those kids was Houston.


“This Saturday was a little different,” said Ellis. “This Saturday our friend Houston decided he wanted to be on television.”

WLBT said Houston came into the studio and ran into the shot where he gave his forecast. His father pulled him off set. Ellis said he was “just going to roll with it” whether Houston got the hook or not. Now the station wants to do a kid newscast.

Here is Houston’s forecast:

Here’s WLBT explaining what happened: