Occupy Oakland Protestors Attack KGO Cameraman For Shooting Video of Murder Scene

By Merrill Knox 

KGO cameraman Randy Davis was attacked while trying to document the aftermath of a fatal shooting yesterday at Occupy Oakland. Davis suffered a mild concussion, as well as bumps and bruises, in the attack, according to a reporter at the ABC O&O.

“He was attacked by about a dozen men as he was trying to shoot the scene around the shooting,” KGO reporter Laura Anthony told TVSpy. “The shooting itself happened just minutes before our 5 p.m. live shot. [The] station was rolling on our camera position and you can hear 6 shots.”

Anthony reported on the incident during KGO’s 6 p.m. newscast. “The crowd was upset and tried to block the view of our photographer, who tried to get shots of what was happening,” she said.

The Oakland Tribune, which posted the above picture on Twitter, reported the crowd was yelling “No cameras!” and “No media!” while Davis was under attack.

A reporter at Fox-affiliate KTVU, Tom Vacar, reported last night that protestors formed a human shield around the victim to block photographers, possibly preventing people who might have been able to help from getting to the victim.

One witness told Vacar that the Occupy protestors “blocked people from taking pictures of the shooting victim, and that they acted in a way that they allowed the perpetrator to get away.”

KGO reporter Lilian Kim told TVSpy Davis is “feeling good and is in good spirits.”