KGET News Director John Pilios Retires

By Kevin Eck 

John Pilios has retired after more than a decade as news director at Bakersfield NBC affiliate KGET.

Pilios got his start in TV news in 1987 after working in radio. He was hired as news director of KCOY in Santa Maria in 1990 and came to KGET in 1999 as assistant news director.

The station said goodbye to Pilios with a feature about his life, his career and his reputation of being a fair manager who always pushed his staff to do better. “I tried to treat everyone fairly,” Pilios told KGET. “I don’t think as a good manager you treat everybody the same because that’s not what being a manager is about. You treat everyone fairly. Everyone has a different ‘go’ button. Some need some yelling, others a softer touch.” You can watch the station’s story about Pilios after the jump.


After leaving the Navy in 1970, Pilios said he knew he knew always wanted to work in broadcasting. He said his dream was to be the next Vin Scully. But his wife wouldn’t let him. “I always felt a little guilty about it,” Cindy Pilios  said. “I wouldn’t let him do it…dragging our daughter around the states doing what I thought was a stupid thing.”

His dream now? “For the first year, I plan to hone the fine art of relaxation,” said Pilios. “I told Cindy the other day, I think I’m going to buy a fishing pole.”

The station said assistant news director Michael Trihey will replace Pilios as news director.