Keith Olbermann Tweets in Support of Spokane Reporter Who Dropped Double F-Bombs

By Kevin Eck 

Lindsay Nadrich, the reporter for Spokane NBC affiliate KHQ, whose double profanity spiced report went viral over the weekend can count on one famous supporter.

Keith Olbermann, formerly of ESPN, MSNBC, Current and now baseball post season analyst for TBS, tweeted to her defense yesterday, initially writing, “NOT a live newscast. Editor’s fault.” Olbermann’s was responding to a tweet by Sports Illustrated writer Richard Deitsch who said it happened during a “live newscast.”

Nadrich replied by thanking Olbermann for clarifying that her double-cuss report did not happen in a live shot. KHQ has blamed “editor error” for the mistake.


At the end of a pre-taped package airing on last Thursday night’s 10:00pm news on FOX affiliate KAYU, Nadrich said, “fuck me, I can’t even fucking talk.” KHQ produces the 10:00pm news for KAYU.

We reached out to Nadrich for comment and will update when we hear back. You can see a screen grab of Olbermann’s tweets about her report after the jump.

Below you can see Olbermann enter a long dialogue with various followers about Nadrich’s mistake.

Lindsay responded by tweeting,

Here’s the report that started it all: