KCBS Erroneously Reports ‘Big Lebowski’ Sequel

By Andrew Gauthier 

Los Angeles CBS O&O KCBS posted some exciting news on its website Thursday for fans of White Russians and the Coen brothers: a sequel to the 1998 cult hit “The Big Lebowski” was set to begin filming in October.

KCBS excitedly reported the return of “The Dude,” sourcing the story to the Examiner, only to eventually find out that the report was based on a hoax (and not a very complex one at that).

KCBS based its article on an Examiner post written by a guy whose title is Phoenix Cannabis Culture Examiner, and who runs a blog called WeedGeist.  His story, in turn, appears to have been taken from a post on the website Super Official News with the byline “The Ass Press.”

The Super Official News story contains all of the information about the non-existent sequel included in the KCBS post, including that the new movie, titled “The Big Lebowski 2: The Dude Goes To Washington,” is scheduled to be released in 2015 and could include Tara Reid, if the actress is able to settle a long-standing feud with the Coen brothers.

Also, Bill Murray was supposedly set to play the movie’s villain, Bavarian Illuminati.

KCBS did not, however, include the tidbit from Super Official News’ story (probably because it wasn’t featured in the Examiner article) that the movie would feature cameos from Rand and Ron Paul.

For its part, KCBS posted an update at the end of the day, Thursday, announcing that the story is bogus.

“Not so fast Lebowski fans!” reads the update, posted at the top of the article.  “We are now told that this story is bogus!”

KCBS also changed the article’s headline from “‘The Dude’ is Back! ‘Big Lebowski 2’ To Start Filming In October” to “‘Big Lebowski’ Fans? That Sequel Isn’t On The Horizon.”

[Via LAist]