KCBS Anchor Paul Magers on Serene Branson: ‘One of the Most Disturbing Things I’ve Ever Witnessed’

By Andrew Gauthier 

“That’s one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever witnessed,” said KCBS anchor Paul Magers about Serene Branson’s erratic live report from the Grammys.

“Oh my God, I tell you, I was disturbed,” Magers told the Minneapolis Star Tribune this week. “God, it looked like a stroke.”

At the start of KCBS‘s late news on Sunday, Magers threw to Branson, who was stationed outside the Staples Center, and immediately he knew something was terribly wrong.


“As we were going into our package, I said to our producer, ‘Phone 911. There’s physically something wrong with her,'” he told the Star Tribune. Paramedics arrived on the scene shortly thereafter and examined Branson’s vital signs. According to Magers, Branson wanted to go home that night instead of visiting the hospital.  She saw her doctor on Monday and underwent tests.