Karen Fuller On Her Sudden Departure from KCTV

By Aneya Fernando 

14829195_BG3Karen Fuller, a longtime weekday anchor at Kansas City CBS affiliate KCTV, was unceremoniously let go in February, after 12 years at station.

Now, Fuller is revealing the details behind her sudden departure. As she explained to Bottom Line Communications:

I can confirm that I was only working under one contract and not monthly extensions. I can also tell you that leaving was not my decision, and that I was not afforded an opportunity to say goodbye to the viewers.

As for the many wonderful viewers, may I say that it has been an honor to serve them over the past decade. The folks in our viewing area were so kind in accepting me, and watching me with such loyalty and dedication. I am forever grateful for having been invited into their homes each weekday night.

That’s all Fuller could reveal at the time, although more details are sure to emgerge. She told the site that she’s beginning a new career as a media consultant.

Fuller joined KCTV in 2003. The station has yet to comment on her departure.