Kansas City Stations Live When Shooting Started at Super Bowl Parade

By Kevin Eck 

At least one person is dead and more than 20 others were injured in a shooting near the Super Bowl parade in Kansas City yesterday.

At least two stations covering the event were on-air the moment the shooting started.

KCTV sports reporter Neal Jones realized something was going on and alerted the station when he noticed unusual activity from the crowd.


Guys,” Jones said repeatedly before telling the station “Something’s going on.” Click here to see the video.

KSHB reporters Caitlin Knute, Kevin Holmes and Mick Shaffer also realized the thousands of fans in the streets were starting to panic during their broadcast.

“We’ve got, uh — crowds are dispersing,” Knute said after the shooting started.

“Some people in the crowd are telling us to get down,” Knute said a little later, before asking the anchors in the studio to take over the broadcast so that she, Holmes and Shaffer could find safety.