KAKE Anchor Attacked While Out for a Walk

By Aneya Fernando 

Gloria Balding, a morning anchor at Wichita ABC affiliate KAKE, was just trying to get some exercise when she was attacked on a walking path in West Wichita in broad daylight.

Balding says it was around 2 o’clock on Tuesday when the incident occurred:

[Balding] accidentally bumped into another walker on one side of the pond. When the two met again around the bend, this happened.

“When she came up to me, when we reached each other, she grabbed my arm and reached up and keyed my neck with her other hand,” said Gloria.

“She just kept walking. She didn’t run away. She just kept walking like it was no big deal,” Gloria said. “Now I have a gash on the side of my neck.”

KAKE created a package about the attack (it is sweeps, after all) and gave viewers some tips on how to protect themselves, like walking in groups and carrying a whistle.

Check out the full video above for more safety tips.