KABB Remembers News Director Greg Koelfgen

By Andrew Gauthier 

San Antonio’s KABB remembered news director Greg Koelfgen with a special segment during its 10 p.m. newscast on Tuesday.  Koelfgen, 53, died unexpectedly on Monday night.

Sports director Chuck Miketinac said the following at the end of the newscast:


Our news director Greg Koelfgen died unexpectedly last night.  Again, our condolences to his wife Donna, and his two daughters, Quinn and Haley.

We lost a boss but more importantly, we lost our buddy, too. Many of you didn’t know Greg, but maybe you know somebody like him. You know, a guy that grows up in a broken home yet somehow, later in life, serves as a role model for how a husband and father are supposed to conduct themselves. A guy with all kinds of authority, yet no job is too big or too small.

Countless times, Greg picked up a camera and went out and shot high school games for the sports department; that’s just one of hundreds of examples I could give you as to what kind of man we’re talking about here. Just your basic all around good guy and good guy to be around.

If you know a person like this tell them how much you love and respect who they are, because we here at Fox San Antonio didn’t get the chance to tell him one more time. Greg Koelfgen–husband, father, friend, Baltimore Orioles fan, and so much more–we sure are going to miss you, buddy.