Jessica Sanchez Shows Off Shaved Head During Visit to WKMG

By Kevin Eck 

Jessica Sanchez, the WKMG traffic reporter who was recently diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma briefly returned to the Orlando CBS affiliate’s morning show where she showed off her newly shaved head.

“I bawled my eyes out that night,” Sanchez said of the night she had her head shaved. “And I woke up the next morning with these swollen eyes and this bald head and I looked like Sloth from ‘The Goonies.'”


Before her live visit to the set, the station did a short package showing Sanchez getting her head shaved due to the effects of chemotherapy treatment she’s undergoing. She said on her blog she will undergo six chemo treatments in all.

“When you do something like this and you put it out there, a lot of people do give you their support,” Sanchez told the morning crew. “Every little bit makes a difference in just helping you feel good about yourself and knowing you can get through this.”

On her blog, “Let’s Be Honest,” Sanchez talked about what was in store for her in fighting the tumor doctor’s found near her lungs, “Each time I’ll spend five days in the hospital hooked up to an IV,” Sanchez said. “It’s rather anti-climactic. Just a lot of reading, staring at the wall, sending reassuring texts to family and friends who can’t be here and making small-talk with those who are. Then I’ll go home for 7 to 10 days of what doctors are warning could be a misery worse than any hell that even Stephen King could imagine.”

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