Jason Matheson Back at KMSP

By Kevin Eck 

Jason Matheson is leaving Minneapolis CBS owned station WCCO to work at his other old station, FOX owned KMSP.

Matheson, who started his career at WCCO, left KMSP the first time in February 2013 for his radio show, which he still hosts. He came back to TV a year later to, again, work at WCCO.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports, Matheson will start at KMSP March 23 as a special entertainment news contributor. The Star-Tribune also speculates Matheson’s return will lead to a bigger role for him at the station.


Word around WCCO is that it’s about to start a 9 a.m. TV show — to take the place of Queen Latifah’s canceled show — to compete with Fox 9’s “Buzz.” Hot talk around WCCO-TV is that Jason DeRusha will anchor the 9 a.m. morning show, adding it to his morning show lineup there.

Why do I seriously doubt that that’s THE Jason that WCCO-TV wanted to do the new 9 a.m. morning show? All of this underscores my gut feeling that Matheson’s Fox 9 redux will be big.