‘It’s Over Us’: Possible Tornado Forces Anchors to Flee Studio

By Kevin Eck 

The anchors at High Point, N.C., Fox affiliate WGHP were forced to flee the studio during the station’s 5 p.m. newscast when a possible tornado got too close.

Chief meteorologist Van Denton was giving viewers a look at the apparent twister’s progress when he noticed it was over the station.

“It’s over us. This is not the room we need to be in,” Denton told viewers, before saying he and anchors Neill McNeill and Katie Nordeen were evacuating the studio.


Denton said the tornado forced them into the safety of the makeup room, but the newscast never stopped the broadcast.

He later posted video from a viewer showing the twister from another angle.

“In my 37 years working at FOX8, I have never experienced anything like that,” McNeill said. “I have never heard the roof rattle like that and we have never had to leave the studio in a broadcast like we just did.”

There was no apparent structural damage to the building, and no serious injuries were reported after storms moved across the state.

Watch the video below: