It’s Back! Two Toronto Reporters Hit With FHRITP

By Kevin Eck 

Nearly five years after the first “F**k her right in the p*ssy” was yelled at a reporter, it happened again, this time twice in the same day.

Tina Yazdani, a reporter for Toronto’s CityNews, was interviewing shoppers about their Boxing Day experiences at a local mall when some nitwit yelled the phrase into the camera and walked away.

According to the Toronto Sun, “The obscene phrase was made famous in the city following a Toronto FC game in May 2015 involving CityTV News reporter Shauna Hunt.”


“It’s almost 2020 and somehow the abhorrent FHRITP trend that started in 2014 is still a problem here in Toronto,” Yazdani tweeted after the incident. “We were at the Eaton Centre for Boxing Day coverage, interviewing a shopper, when it happened. Shame on this person.”

Later, someone yelled the phrase at Albert Delitala, a reporter and video journalist with Global Toronto.

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