Is the New York Mayor Boycotting WNYW?

By Kevin Eck 

No other mayor in the US stands in the spotlight as much as the mayor of New York. Regardless of how many network shows he needs to appear on and how many parades he has to be late for, Mayor Bill De Blasio should always have time for the local stations.

Capital New York writes of a growing feeling at FOX owned WNYW that DeBlasio is boycotting the station since he’s ignored “over a hundred” invites to appear on morning show “Good Day New York.”

Two things going against WNYW as far as the mayor is concerned? One: The co-host of “Good Day” is Greg Kelly, son of Ray Kelly, former police commissioner and trader of criticism with the mayor. Number two? WNYW GM Lew Leone has said a few things about a few things.


Leone, who described Good Day as “as the local morning news program of record in New York,” said that in four years as public advocate, de Blasio appeared on the show more than half a dozen times.

Leone, for his part, has been public about his frustration with de Blasio, as a sought-after guest, and policy maker. Leone makes on-air appearances to deliver editorial segments that are often critical of de Blasio’s policies, including the mayor’s contract with teachers and the mayor’s support for a marine transfer station on the Upper East Side, and he once made a reference to “co-mayor Chirlane” McCray, the mayor’s wife.

In another segment, Leone complained about de Blasio’s handling of city schools, and said, “I would argue that the governor needs to take back control from this mayor, as soon as possible, before it’s too late.”