Is That a Snake in the Studio Or Are You Just Reading the News?

By Kevin Eck 

Snakes in a local TV station? The news gentleman of Joplin, Mo. CBS affiliate KOAM had an unannounced visitor after one (a snake) slithered into the studio during last night’s 6:00 p.m. show.

“It’s a little disconcerting to anchor a live 6:00 newscast as a snake slithers through the studio — even if it’s the small, harmless garter variety,” Anchor Dowe Quick wrote on his facebook page. “Thanks to Keith Frobish and Matt Payne for the catch and release during a commercial break.”

Quick also brought it up at the tail end of the show. KOAM might want to close the door or seal up any holes outside. Chief meteorologist Doug Heady said he caught one in the studio earlier in the week.