Is Larry King’s CNN Reign Nearing its End?

By Andrew Gauthier 

The Washington Post

“Respected U.S. newsman Larry King has filed for divorce from his country-singer wife, Shawn Southwick,” the wire service story says dryly. It seems simple enough until you stop to wonder: Is “respected U.S. newsman Larry King” any relation to that guy who has a weeknight talk show on CNN?

That Larry King is known for eyeglasses with thick lenses and large frames; his alarmingly concave posture; his goofy suspenders and insistence on appearing without a suit coat; his gravely gravelly voice; the fact that he gets a haircut every day, or so Larry lore has it; and, of course, his second career as a kind of professional husband — an apparently incurable romantic who’s had one more wife than Henry VIII and is currently in the process of separating awkwardly from No. 7, Shawn Southwick. More…