Iowa Anchor a 2-Time Ironman

By Kevin Eck 

WHO anchor Sonya Heitshusen just completed her second Ironman distance triathlon on Sunday in Madison, Wisc.

The Ironman distance is one grueling feat of endurance with a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile run. She did it in just under 13 hours. Below is video of Heitshusen talking about it on the station Facebook page after the race.


“Last year, she was searching for redemption while running an Ironman race in Boulder, Colo. She’d had a difficult year, including an arrest for drunken driving in addition to personal struggles, and she needed to affirm to herself and the public that she could focus and finish what she set her mind to,” reports the Des Moines register.

“When you complete something like this you wonder if maybe for that one day you got super-human powers or something,” she said. “You wonder if you could actually do it again. So I focused on doing it again.”

She said she started training in January to prove the first one wasn’t a fluke.

“Hopefully this inspires other people to choose a goal and accomplish it,” said Heitshusen. “It doesn’t have to be a race or an Ironman. It can be something emotional or mental. Find your passion, set a goal and accomplish it.”