Interview Bumped, Koenigs Call Larry King ‘Disrespectful’

By Andrew Gauthier 


The day before Andrew Koenig‘s body was found in a Vancouver park, his parents Walter and Judy were set to appear on CNN’s “Larry King Live.” The interview was to be done via satellite from a Vancouver hotel room where the two were staying as they searched for their son, who had gone missing after a stretch of erratic behavior.

The Koenigs never appeared on “Larry King Live,” though, as the two became frustrated with their interview being repeatedly bumped as the show focussed on covering of the news of a SeaWorld trainer killed by a performing killer whale.

According to TMZ, the Koenigs were prepared to go live at 6:30pm PST but after waiting for nearly half an hour to take the air, Walter decided to move on. He told TMZ that the couple felt that King was not allowing them with “enough time to do credit to what we had to say.”

The producers’ decision to focus on the SeaWorld tragedy, as well as an interview with Toyota president Akio Toyoda, didn’t ultimately draw ratings. As TVNewser points out, King received “his third lowest Total Viewer number in at least 13 years.”