Indianapolis Sports Anchor Leaves WISH for WTTV

By Mark Joyella 

WISH sports anchor Chris Widlic will cross the street to CBS affiliate WTTV “in the next few weeks,” reports the Indianapolis Business Journal.

Widlic joined then-CBS affiliate WISH in 2003, but becomes the latest in a series of high-profile talent departures at the station, which lost its CBS affiliation two years ago.

At WTTV, Widlic is expected to become sports director, but will be off air for a year due to a non-compete agreement in his WISH contract:


At WTTV, Widlic will likely take a higher-profile on-air position than he did at WISH, where he shared the limelight with sports director Anthony Calhoun.

Though WTTV officials declined to comment, multiple sources told IBJ that WTTV will expand its sports programming, including special segments, when Widlic comes on board.

WTTV currently only has one full-time on-air sports person: Tricia Whitaker, a 2012 Indiana University graduate who has been with the station for less than two years.

WTTV lost its other sports anchor, Mike Berman, in July, when he left to take a job at the NBC affiliate in Chicago.