In Philly, Sandusky Arraignment Is News Of The Day

By Merrill Knox 

New charges were brought against Jerry Sandusky today, and local stations in Philadelphia rushed to cover the breaking news about the former Penn State defensive coordinator.

ABC O&O WPVI, which caught exclusive video of Sandusky arriving at the courthouse (watch above) says Kenneth Moton was the “only reporter” inside Sandusky’s arraignment. Moton reported that Sandusky was “in handcuffs and wearing Penn State pants” in the courtroom.

Moton also reported that Joe McGettigan, the deputy attorney general, told Sandusky and his attorney they could spend a few minutes to speak about the case, noting, “If you guys can sit down and talk to Bob Costas, you can spare some time for me.”

NBC O&O WCAU caught video of Sandusky, dressed in head-to-toe Penn State gear, leaving his house in handcuffs (video below):