In Indianapolis, WXIN Launches Health Care Site

By Andrew Gauthier 


Indianapolis’s WXIN announced on Thursday that it is partnering with the medical website network YourCity.MD to create Indy.MD. The new site will be a platform for residents of the Indianapolis area to find information about illnesses, medical treatment, and doctors.

“WXIN is excited to be chosen as the www.Indy.MD TV partner, this partnership will provide great synergy between our expanding News/Health coverage on WXIN both on the air, and on the web.” said Jerry Martin, Vice President/General Manager of WXIN.

Partnering with YourCity.MD, is an opportunity for WXIN to expand its reach online and generate non-traditional, health-based revenue. YourCity.MD has been partnering with stations around the country. In September, WLEX in Lexington teamed with the company to launch Lexington.MD.

Joe Benza, founder and CEO of YourCity.MD, is clear about his company’s goals: “we are looking to partner with TV stations in over 500 markets,” he said.

In making the announcement, Martin added, “WXIN is committed to providing the best local news and information every day, and www.Indy.MD is an extension of that commitment.”