In Hurricane Mode, WNYW Calls In Robert Moses

By Andrew Gauthier 

With all hands on deck at New York stations as Hurricane Irene neared the area this afternoon, WNYW called in Robert Moses.

Although it obviously wasn’t that Robert Moses, the controversial figure responsible for building much of modern New York. The name of the Fox O&O’s rookie reporter provided anchors Greg Kelly and Rosanna Scotto an opportunity to spice up their ongoing coverage of the storm and also share an interesting factoid about WNYW’s Ernie Anastos.

After some banter, a grinning Moses shared some trivia about his namesake: the man responsible for building dozens of bridges and expressways never had his driver’s license. Kelly shot back with a factoid of his own: that Moses cut his own hair. To which Scotto shared this (dubious) piece of information: Anastos, the dapper veteran anchor, also cuts his own hair.

At one point, Kelly asked Moses if his name comes up a lot in conversation, he replied: “I tell people when I make phone calls here in New York City, it takes ten minutes–the first five minutes I have to convince people I am not joking with them, then the next five minutes we talk about the power broker and get to what we need to be talking about. Kind of like this live shot, actually.”