In Chicago, Executive Producer Jumps to Rival Station

By Andrew Gauthier 


Just seven months after joining Chicago’s WFLD, executive producer Todd Woolman is jumping to a rival station. NBC-affiliate WMAQ announced to staff on Tuesday that Woolman would be taking over the station’s afternoon newscasts.

According to the Chicago Tribune, WMAQ station manager Frank Whittaker sent a memo out announcing the hire and stating that Wendy Talarico and Candace Rogers would both handle the 6pm newscast while Woolman covered daytime. “Todd helped out with our coverage of the Chicago Auto Show last year, so he’s very familiar with our operation and with many of you,” Whittaker wrote.

Woolman’s 7-month tenure at WFLD was marked by bold decisions, some of which haven’t fully paid off. Most notably, he shuffled around the station’s anchors and chose Anna Davlantes and Corey McPherrin to helm WFLD’s 3-hour morning newscast. Interestingly enough, Davlantes had made the reverse move last year as Woolman, leaving WMAQ to eventually join WFLD.