Howard Stern Rips Into Fargo TV Host Who Questioned His Worth

By Kevin Eck 

Chris Berg, co-host of North Dakota Today on Fargo NBC affiliate KVLY, became a target of Howard Stern after Berg questioned how Stern made a reported $95 million last year.

Berg and co-host Andrea Larson were doing a story about Forbes’ list of the world’s highest paid celebrities this year. Stern was fifth with an estimated earnings of $95 million. When Howard Stern’s name came up, Berg said “How is Howard Stern making 95 big ones?”

InForum reports Stern dedicated four minutes of his Sirius Satellite Radio show to attack both Berg and Fargo.


“Douche, you can do the same thing. Leave Fargo, get a show and work on your comedy chops and work on being interesting,” Stern said. “The reason I worked so hard is so I wouldn’t have to live in Fargo, North Dakota, honestly. No offense if you live there. I’m pretty sure if you’re living there, you’re trying to get out … Gee whiz … I didn’t know Fargo still existed … Good lord. Well, anyway.”